Freitag, 9. April 2010

Goodbye Easter Holidays... q_q

Strange but true, the last two weeks passed by very quickly and there is just the short weekend before the school beginning. I can't really remember what I did the last days... (o_O)
The most time I worked for my "GePo" presentation and it still isn't completed yet. I know, I know, I'm way too lazy. (^_^'')

Last Sunday I went to the Gasometer in Oberhausen and visited the current exhibition "Sternstunden - Wunder des Sonnensystemes" with my parents. It was great!
There were lots and lots of photos that looked really impressive. I first thought they were paintings or something like that because they didn't look like reality. Wish I could have some posters of the photos to decorate my room...
On the second floor is a 25 metre "moon". A painted balloon that is filled with helium and that is hovering over your head. It's gigantic!
If you want you can use the glass elevator to get a better look over the whole moon. But be careful, who suffers from vertigo shouldn't use it because there are over 100 metres under your feet. ;)
Well, I learned a lot on that day! ...Not really to be honest... (V_V''') *drop*

And now I'm lying here and don't know what to do during the next two days. Maybe I should test a few cupcake recipes... Myam! ♥

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  1. wow..klingt sehr interessant öö
    ich war leider noch nie in so einer art austellung~
    aber das mit dem fahrstuhl könnte ich mit meiner höhenangst wohl auf keinen fall machen...xDD

    [danke fürs verfolgen meines blogs♥]