Dienstag, 30. März 2010

Too fat? Too thin?

In the last time I read a lot about diets, "am I too fat?" or similar things and questions at blogs. I hate these questions because most of the people do not know how BEAUTIFUL they are and they cheapen themselves with that kind of thoughts. I mean: What does a clothing size tell about who you are? Nothing! What is the matter of weighing 78 kilo? Nothing, it is alright! It does not make a bad person out of you. The same with being thin: It does not make you something like an adorable person. Then why do the most people tell you that you have to be it? I met a lot of wonderful, charming girls that were bullied by others because they thought that these talented girls had to look "better". Which is completely non-sense because no one has the right to judge about others. These girls were just too sensitive and could not defend themselves and lost all their self-confidence. That is one possibility how an eating disorder can rise. So better think what you are saying to (or better about) others, you do not know what you can wreak with that.
Unfortunately, a lot of those people exist... They bawl people out to grow in confidence. I do not like such persons and will never support that, maybe because I know what it is like to be the victim of such things.

You should know: When I was about 9 years old, there were scenes where some strangers said really bad things to me like "If your parents had known how ugly you would be, they would have get an abortion" or "Damn, you are so fucking ugly! Stay home and die!". It was kind of traumatic I think. I never had a good self-confidence so I was not able to protect me from these insults. In the 6th to 8th grade I have been bullied because I was different and a little bit thicker than the other girls (still normal weight but, well... nervermind). A lot of other bad things happened in my life that made me what I am now but right now I do not want to cry myself out.

The "great" result: I have among other things an eating disorder. For over 4 horrible years now. There was a time I lost 15 kilos in about 1 1/2 months. About one year ago I told a friend of mine that I am anorexic. Guess what she said? "Are you kidding me? You are way to fat to be anorexic!" Was not really funny, my dear... I was like "What the FUCK?!"
Oh, to clear the rumor that you have to be mega thin to be anorexian: You do not have to. It just tells about the "state" that you are in. Near the "end" of Anorexia Nervosa = super thin. At the "beginning" of Anorexia Nervosa = mostly normal weight.

Oh before you ask! The photo shows a friend of mine (left) and me (right) at the after-care of "Klinik am Korso" where I was last year from Juli to September. It is a clinic for eating disordered people and I truly loved my time there.

Montag, 29. März 2010

Grinsekätzchen stellt sich vor.

Herzlich Willkommen im wundertollen, total sinnvollen (?) Blog von Mrs Strawberrypie. :)
Hier werdet ihr demnächst mit mehr oder weniger interessanten Alltagsmist, Nicht-Alltagsmist und Sondermist vollgespammt über mich, mein Leben und knuffige Bärchen. <3
Und warum? Weil ich ein Grinsekätzchen bin~ hrhr

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