Freitag, 16. April 2010

I did it! I am still alive and dry! o(≧∀≦)o

Today was the graduation pank and all the people of the 13 grade dashed the school at the 4th hour with water squirt guns. It was horribly loud and... wet. (o_O'')
The graduates were really cruel this year... Thank God it's the last time I'll make this through.
My friends and I didn't want to become wet, that's why we searched for a emergency exit.
We found our Art Teacher, she agreed to open the backdoor of an Art Room, but there stood a tall graduate that waited for us and was like "Come here, sweethearts! :D muahaha". Creepy.
So we decided to continue our search. We found an Art class that were still in the room. Their teacher didn't allow them to leave the room until the end of the lesson. Well, we REALLY wanted to go home, so we just ran through the room, opened the window and jumped out. All the other people were looking at us like "WTF?!". Yay! (^o^)//))

Have a wonderful (and DRY!) day.
Mrs Strawberrypie

PS: In the next few days I'll write a post about the topic "How to be a great sister". I have to work off.

Freitag, 9. April 2010

Goodbye Easter Holidays... q_q

Strange but true, the last two weeks passed by very quickly and there is just the short weekend before the school beginning. I can't really remember what I did the last days... (o_O)
The most time I worked for my "GePo" presentation and it still isn't completed yet. I know, I know, I'm way too lazy. (^_^'')

Last Sunday I went to the Gasometer in Oberhausen and visited the current exhibition "Sternstunden - Wunder des Sonnensystemes" with my parents. It was great!
There were lots and lots of photos that looked really impressive. I first thought they were paintings or something like that because they didn't look like reality. Wish I could have some posters of the photos to decorate my room...
On the second floor is a 25 metre "moon". A painted balloon that is filled with helium and that is hovering over your head. It's gigantic!
If you want you can use the glass elevator to get a better look over the whole moon. But be careful, who suffers from vertigo shouldn't use it because there are over 100 metres under your feet. ;)
Well, I learned a lot on that day! ...Not really to be honest... (V_V''') *drop*

And now I'm lying here and don't know what to do during the next two days. Maybe I should test a few cupcake recipes... Myam! ♥